About this site

X-Minutes is a small site about cross platform development. This means developing software to run on multiple platforms, such as a Windows desktop, a Mac laptop, an iPhone, or even an Android tablet. The idea for this site was developed by Steve Maier and launched in January 2023. If you subscribe today, you'll get full access to the website as well as email newsletters about new content when it's available. Your subscription makes this site possible and allows X-Minutes to continue to exist. Thank you!

What types of things

People always wonder what types of things we will be publishing to help with cross platform development. This will include blog posts, a YouTube Channel, a game devel0pment podcast, and more.

As for what language or technology we will be using, we will typically talk about many different technologies along the way. There will be content using C++, C#, Unity3d, .NET, and Xamarin/Maui.

A little about Steve

Steve Maier has been a programming professional for many moons. A well- seasoned developer. A... ok, Steve is old and has done a lot of things in his career, from developing manufacturing software, to making video games, from software to treat cancer to websites for an electric company. Steve has even worked at a small company that you might have heard of - Microsoft, as a Senior Technical Evangelist. Currently, he is working at InfernoRed Technology as a Sensei of the Coded Arts. Yes, those were both the actual job titles. The software industry can have fun things like that.

Steve has also been a faculty member at Rochester Institute of Technology where he is a part of one of the top game programming degrees in the US. He has focused on teach programming classes that include, C++, C#, Unity3d, html5, JavaScript, OpenGL, and cloud computing.

Steve also has a number of certifications from Microsoft including being one of the first certified Azure architects in the world and co-authoring a training book on that certification.

How did you come up with the idea for X-Minutes

When working at Microsoft, Steve was talking with a fellow Senior Technical Evangelist, Tara Walker, and the two of them came up with the idea of X-Minutes. Our jobs at Microsoft were to teach people many new and different technologies around the country and the idea of short videos and other media to teach it seemed to be a great way to get ideas to people. We liked the idea that Scott Hanselman was using for Azure Fridays and wanted to expand on it to other topics.